Lost your TV channels?

 There have been a few viewers that have reported losing signals on their set top boxes or digital TVs.

Performing a rescan of your set top box or Digital TV should fix the problem, and also tune in any new channels as they become available.

There are many brands of set top boxes and TVs which have various ways of performing a rescan.

A generic procedure…..

  • Press “Menu” on your remote control, then
  • Go to “Installation” or “Setup”, then
  • Go to “Automatic” or “Manual Search”, select “Automatic” then follow the instructions.

Why are we seeing Broken Hill ads in Port Lincoln & why are we seeing Port Lincoln ads in Broken Hill?

The Port Lincoln and Broken Hill signal was combined to make room for 7 new digital TV channels to be broadcast in our region.  It’s similar to Whyalla viewers seeing ads from Port Pirie or Clare, (which has been the case since 1968).

Why is the TV guide in the newspaper inaccurate?

The newspaper source their information days or even weeks ahead of time, unfortunately due to world events, programming changes do occur before the newspaper goes to print.

The best place to recieve the latest information is right here… on our online TV Guide, it’s constantly updated as programming changes occur.